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data center colocation Request For Proposal RFP

Request For Proposal


Request For Proposal – RFP – Part of the comprehensive data center and colocation services provided by Data Center And Colocation is generating a Request For Proposals or more commonly referred to as a RFP. As colocation consultants, our RFPs range from 15 to 30 pages long and are used as an invitation for Data Center Providers to participate in a competitive bidding process for client colocation services, cloud services, hybrid cloud services or hosting colocation. The colocation consulting services provided by our company are free of charge to our clients. We modify our RFPs for your specific industry whether it is a hospital RFP, hosting RFP, gaming RFP, wholesale data center RFP, Bitcoin RFP or government RFP. If a Request For Information, RFI, is required, we can provide that as well.

Request For Proposals For Data Centers And Cloud Hosting In The United States

Some of the Request for Proposals or requirements DataCenterAndColocation completed, in the process of submitting or have submitted are as follows:

RFP Location Colocation Space and Services
Oregon Colocation RFP 40 racks – COMPLETED
 Texas Colocation RFP COMPLETED
Oregon Colocation RFP 32 racks – COMPLETED
 Western States colocation RFP  20 racks with 354 kWs of power
Easter States colocation RFP 17 racks
 Western States colocation RFP  16 racks with 130 kWs of power
 Los Angeles colocation RFP  18 racks with 160 kWs of power – COMPLETED
Nevada colocation 2000 sq. feet
Cloud services RFP 2 locations – East and West Coast
Eastern States colocation RFP 18 racks AC and DC power – cage space – COMPLETED
San Diego colocation  cage space for 5 racks – Completed
Eastern States colocation RFP 36 Racks 358 kW of power
New York colocation RFP 3 Racks – Completed
Western States colocation RFP 8 Racks – COMPLETED
Western States colocation RFP 131 racks with growth to 200 racks COMPLETED 3500 SQ FT
Western States colocation RFP 18 racks with growth to 22 racks
Arizona/Las Vegas Colocation RFP Cage space for 8 racks COMPLETED
Toronto Canada RFP 6 Racks – cage space COMPLETED
Santa Clara colocation 40 Racks – 500kW of power – COMPLETED
Tel Aviv Israel colocation 8 Racks – COMPLETED
Seoul Korea colocation 40 Racks
Phoenix RFP 2 Racks – High Density COMPLETED
Dallas Texas RFP 40 Racks – 250kW of power – On Hold
Vancouver Canada Colocation RFP 6 Racks – cage space (DR Site) COMPLETED
Phoenix, Colorado or Utah Colocation – Hospital/Medical/University Disaster Recovery Site RFP 1000 square feet COMPLETED
Southern California – San Diego 2,500 sf, 475 kW of Power Cage Space – COMPLETED
Denver Colocation 2 Racks (DR Site) – COMPLETED
San Diego Colocation RFP 3 Racks, Cage Space – COMPLETED
Mumbai, India colocation
2 Racks with growth to 8 – COMPLETED
Washington DC area or Herndon, VA Colocation 35 Racks, Cage Space – COMPLETED
Eastern Data Centers or Colocation 13,000 Square Feet, 2 Gigs of bandwidth – COMPLETED
Los Angeles Colocation 500 Square Feet – COMPLETED
Denver Colorado Colocation 500 Square Feet – COMPLETED
Eastern Data Centers or Colocation Government Space, 1000 Square Feet, 160 kW of Power – COMPLETED
San Diego Colocation RFP 6 Racks with a DR site in another state
MidWest Data Centers or Colocation Government Space, 1000 Square Feet, 160 kW of Power – COMPLETED
Western States Data Centers or Colocation – Texas 27 Racks, 215 kW of Power – COMPLETED
Northern California Colocation RFP 6 Racks – cage space – completed
San Diego Colocation 2 Racks –  COMPLETED

Request for Proposals or RFP typically include the following:

  • RFP Introduction Letter for colocation or hosting servers

    Request For Proposal

    Request For Proposals

  • Table Of Contents
  • Statement of Work – SOW: Purpose
  • General Information: Including Corporate Profiles, Schedule of Events, The Current Technology
  • Proposal Preparation Instructions: Good Faith Statements, Submission Methodology, Award Process, Selection and Notification
  • Terms and Conditions: Confidentiality, Publicity, Cost coverage, Governing Law, Regulatory Compliance, Force Majeure Statements, etc.
  • Scope of Work, Requirements and Specifications
  • Vendor Qualifications
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Security practices
  • Power configuration
  • HVAC redundancy
  • Budgets and Pricing Comparison
  • And a list of required documents in a Schedule format for respondents.

Contact us for more information on our comprehensive Request for Proposal by clicking here RFP.

Purpose of a Request For Proposal

The purpose of having a structured Request For Proposal or RFP is to control the response from the various data centers and have them respond in a consistent and orderly fashion. By creating a standard format, we can easily compare, evaluate and make logical, non-bias decisions on the selected colocation facilities. By issuing an well-organized RFP, DataCenterAndColocation can leverage our client’s purchasing power to secure the lowest possible colocation cost while ensuring the highest quality data center providing services. This process of a well-defined RFP, demonstrates to the data center providers that our clients are serious about moving forward with a colocation transaction and not just shopping with a loosely worded description of services. It is a tool to inform the data centers this is a very competitive environment and to offer the best possible pricing early in the process. It also provides our clients with a documented factual response to requirements and pricing. The RFP sets the stage for an equal comparison and negotiating position with the data center providers.

For more information, please contact:

DataCenterAndColocation – Request For Proposal
Phone number: (619) 365-9236
Email: [email protected]


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