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Data Center Relocation Services


Data Center Relocation – Colocation Relocation – Equipment Moving – Are you planning a data center relocation move? DataCenterAndColocation can assist you with your data center relocation needs. Our partners can handle your entire data center and colocation equipment move. We can provide you with detailed planning, technical migration skills, data storage and best practices to achieve an  incident-free data center move.

Over 48% percent of multi-day data center outages were related to poorly planned and executed relocations. Without a proven methodology in place, any data center moves become a logistical nightmare, wasting time, money & resources. Don’t make it your nightmare!


The cost to relocate a data center depends on many factors. The price depends on:

  • Distance of the data center move
  • Number of personal required to move equipment
  • Union labor requirements
  • Cost to dismantle the existing equipment
  • Climate control requirements of the moving van
  • Cost to reassemble the data center equipment – rack and stack equipment
  • Equipment warranties
  • Project management costs
  • Insurance requirements
  • Number of racks


A data center relocation move requires seamless planning from project management to working with many third parties such as OEM’s and software vendors. Our partner can organize all transportation, insurance and on-site project management. DataCenterAndColocation will coordinate with the relocation companies to provide quotes and services. Part of their services include:

Data Center Relocation

• Relocation planning and analysis

• Project management/consulting

• Budget planning

• Legacy equipment removal and replacement

• Scheduling, executing and managing physical move

• Pre-cabling, planning and designing new facility. Rack and stack equipment.

• Data Center Migration

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