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Data Center Colocation

Colocation Facilities In United States:  Due to rising capital expenditures (CapEx), operating expense (OpEx)  and state taxes, many companies are forced to evaluate where to place their collocation equipment or data center cage space. As an example, an internal discussion might start with the question, “Do we keep the in-house data center or can we reduce our CapEx and OpEx costs and grow the business by placing our data center in a colocation facility that costs much less”? Let Data Center And Colocation help you find the best colocation space or hybrid data center. We are colocation consultants and recommend ideal sites to place your next data center or disaster recovery sites. We have divided up information on this website into two major sections:

Data Centers in California and Data Centers Outside California.

Data Center And Colocation Takes An Involved Approach To Determine Where To Place A Colocation Or Disaster Recovery Site

We are not a colocation quoting referral site that just forwards your name to various colocation data centers without any personal one-on-one consulting. We are data center consultants with 25+ years of telecom experience. At no costs to our clients, we analyze several aspects of your data center and data center pricing.

For your colocation requirements, we will:

  • develop a detailed Request For Proposal for your company – Data Center RFP
  • solicit proposals with colocation service providers based on your specific requirements
  • analyze and compare all proposals in an easy to understand formatdata center colocation
  • review the Master Service Agreement
  • negotiate the rate and terms
  • develop a site visit checklist
  • seek client reference
  • ensure business process and practices are aligned
  • create an evaluation score card that makes colocation selection easier

On An As Needed Basis, We Will Perform And Evaluate The Following Free Of Charge

  1. THE FINANCIAL IMPACT: We work with the CFO or accounting department to assess the complete annualized cost to maintain the existing data center; then compare it with alternatives.
  2. EVALUATE THE LOCAL DATA CENTER COSTS FOR SPACE: Our company has costs for local data centers in your city. We compare this with the alternatives.
  3. EVALUATE THE LOCAL COMPETITIVENESS OF DATA CENTERS: Each city in California has a different competitive environment.  Most data centers in cities like San Diego, Irvine and Los Angeles, California are reaching or are at capacity. The data centers that do have cage space may have inflated rates do to the lack of competition in the area.
  4. NATURAL DISASTERS: We also evaluate the potential impact of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. on your data center. This varies by location within a state and is a direct correlation to the critical nature of your data or service.
  5. STATE POWER COSTS: We monitor the cost of power in each state. Since “electrical power” represents about 50-60% of the overall cost of a data center, this is a very important component. Depending on your power usage, this can have a significant impact.
  6. CALIFORNIA STATE TAX RAMIFICATIONS: We assist in evaluating the tax ramifications on production sites in California verses other states. We have a certified public accountant available at an extra cost.
  7. DATA CENTER COSTS FOR SERVICES BY DATA CENTER LOCATION: Due to the presence of fiber in a data center, costs for data services can vary significantly depending upon the number of carriers and competitiveness for services.
  8. COST OF REMOTE MANAGED SERVICES: Since you may be operating a data center remotely, we gather cost information to manage the dr site (disaster recovery site) or colocation facility.
  9. DATA CENTER SERVICE PROVIDER SELECTION: Should you decide to locate your data center in another state, we can provide references and evaluations of each alternative. Based on our data base of recent negotiated costs for other companies, we can negotiate a very favorable rate. We can facilitate, as requested, any SAS 70 Type I or Type II Audits you may require. We will assist in providing any compliance documentation your company might have for stringent standards for security and operations that Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and other regulations require.
  10. EXPANSION DATA CENTER COSTS: What would the future cost be to grow your business?
  11. COLOCATION SERVICES COST: In some cases, we can pre-negotiate cross-connect fees, remote hands fees, additional power costs, etc.
  12. TRANSPORTATION COSTS: There may be times you will have to go to the data center. We will evaluate costs, frequency of air flights and time to reach a data center.

When this comprehensive analysis is completed, the collocation or disaster recovery options and location options are made easier to select the right choice for your company.


Our headquarters office is in San Diego. We focus on analyzing and evaluating information in an objective and neutral way saving valuable time for most companies. When you use our services, the cost to you is free! Let our company become the intermediary between you and the data center. We will keep the direct sales force of each data center at arms length since we deal directly with the management of the company. As with most direct sales forces, they are trying to sell you their solution so they can meet their monthly quotas while our company is trying to find the right solution based on unbiased industry knowledge and expertise. You will then have the ability to make the best informed decision. Our services are usually paid by the companies that provide these services without cost to you. The fees we receive are typically the same as any in-house direct sales representative would receive from the company providing the data center service. This insures that you will not be charged more for these services but using our company. In fact, the outcome can be a savings up to 75% due to our in dept knowledge and experience of the industry. We represent clients moving their data center in California as well as California companies opening or  moving their data centers outside of the state for various reasons. Contact us for an initial FREE COLOCATION consultation by following this link to Colocation

Phone number: (858) 264-6979
email: [email protected]


We Represent 3,000 Colocation Data Centers Nationwide

  • Digital Realty Trust
  • Adhost Data Center
  • American Internet Services Data Center
  • C7 Data Centers
  • Source Mission Critical Facility
  • QTS Data Center
  • Level 3 Data Centers
  • Corelink Data Center
  • Verizon Data Centers
  • Infinity Internet
  • VAZATA Data Centers
  • TierPoint Data Centers
  • Agile Data Sites
  • ScaleMatrix
  • Phoenix NAP
  • Sungard Data Centers
  • Advanced Data Centers
  • Raging Wire
  • Cologix Data Centers
  • Aligned Data Centers
  • ATT Data Centers
  • XO Data center
  • DataSite Data Centers
  • WindStream Data Centers
  • Qwest data center
  • DataSite
  • ColoHouse
  • Internap
  • CentriLogic Data Centers
  • Telx Data Centers
  • Cogent Colocation
  • Fortrust Data Center
  • Equinix Data Centers
  • CenturyLink Data Centers
  • Commercial Media Data Centers
  • NuCor IT Solutions
  • i2B Networks Services Data Center
  • ViaWest Data Centers
  • InfoRely
  • Peak 10 Data Centers
  • Sabey
  • Terremark
  • Sungard Data Centers
  • NYI Data Centers
  • ClearDATA
  • Savvis
  • Cogent Data Centers
  • Corelink
  • Telehouse Data Center
  • Streaming Media Hosting
  • Digital Fortress Data Centers
  • Sungard Data Centers
  • Phoenix NAP
  • CenturyLink
  • NYI Data Centers
  • Zayo Data Centers
  • The Planet Data Centers
  • DuPont Fabros Centers
  • Navisite Data Centers
  • CoreSite
  • Telehouse Data Centers
  • Equinix Data Centers
  • IO Data Centers
  • DuPont Fabros
  • DataBank
  • Global Net Access
  • US Colo Colocation
  • and many more...