Cloud Services

Cloud Services

DataCenterAndColocation is a cloud services broker, colocation broker or hybrid cloud agent. In today’s complex world of growing cloud services providers, not all of them are ready for prime-time or have the necessary compliance safeguards in place. DataCenterAndColocation has reviewed the major U. S. cloud providers. We assist clients with recommendations for cloud computing services, hybrid cloud colocation service, migration into the cloud and negotiate contract terms. Our goal is to save you time researching different cloud vendors for your specific applications. Whether you are looking for IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service), PAAS (Platform As A Service), DRAAS (Disaster Recovery As A Service) or SAAS (Software As A Service), we can competitively bid out similar service from various providers. Need to compare a Public Cloud provider with a Private Cloud provider? We can discuss the benefits of each type of cloud service.

How Can Our Cloud Services Brokerage Help?

When you choose our team for cloud services consulting, our first step is to evaluate your needs and recommend a cloud computing solution that works for your unique situation and business establishment. As professional cloud consultants and brokers, we will point you in the right direction as you look for a company that will meet all your cloud-related needs whether it is a Private Cloud provider or AWS, Google or Microsoft Azure. Understanding the benefits and shortcomings of various providers should be part of your cloud strategy.

You can rely on us to tell you about different components of cloud computing, including all infrastructure, platform, software, and Cloud Services Brokerdatabase components. When we recommend a data center location for your business, we’ll ensure it has enough power, cooling, and space so you always have enough storage as your business grows.

We only hire experts who understand every facet of data center locations. Everyone one our team has worked in both the sales and operation fields, and they’ve all worked at data centers in the past. We use our combined experience to give you a thorough, detail-oriented look at your options.

Why Choose A Cloud Services Broker?

Choosing the right data and cloud services is essential to your business’s success. You can rest assured that you’re getting a completely unbiased recommendation when you come to us.

If you’re not interested in cloud services and want to collocate your information, please visit our colocation consulting services page. We’re happy to assist you in whatever way we can.

To learn more about our cloud consulting services, contact us by filling out our online form. Use our form to request a completely free data consultation—we’re here to help in any way we can.


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We Represent 3,000 Colocation Data Centers Worldwide

  • Digital Realty Trust
  • Adhost Data Center
  • American Internet Services Data Center
  • Data Bank - C7 Data Centers
  • Source Mission Critical Facility
  • QTS Data Center
  • CenturyLink - Level 3 Data Centers
  • Corelink Data Center
  • Verizon Data Centers
  • Infinity Internet
  • VAZATA Data Centers
  • TierPoint Data Centers
  • Agile Data Sites
  • ScaleMatrix
  • Phoenix NAP
  • Sungard Data Centers
  • Advanced Data Centers
  • Raging Wire
  • Cologix Data Centers
  • Aligned Data Centers
  • ATT Data Centers
  • XO Data center
  • DataSite Data Centers
  • WindStream Data Centers
  • Qwest data center
  • DataSite
  • ColoHouse
  • INAP
  • CentriLogic Data Centers
  • Telx Data Centers
  • Cogent Colocation
  • Iron Mountain - Fortrust Data Center
  • Equinix Data Centers
  • CenturyLink Data Centers
  • Commercial Media Data Centers
  • NuCor IT Solutions
  • i2B Networks Services Data Center
  • Flexential Data Centers
  • InfoRely
  • Peak 10 Data Centers
  • Sabey
  • Terremark
  • Sungard Data Centers
  • NYI Data Centers
  • ClearDATA
  • Cyxtera
  • Cogent Data Centers
  • Corelink
  • Telehouse Data Center
  • Streaming Media Hosting
  • Digital Fortress Data Centers
  • Sungard Data Centers
  • Phoenix NAP
  • CenturyLink
  • NYI Data Centers
  • Zayo Data Centers
  • The Planet Data Centers
  • Navisite Data Centers
  • CoreSite
  • Telehouse Data Centers
  • Equinix Data Centers
  • Iron Mountain - IO Data Centers
  • DuPont Fabros (now Digital Realty)
  • DataBank
  • Global Net Access
  • US Colo Colocation
  • and many more...